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To Love and Let Go


When I love
I love hard
Because on my sleeve
I wear my heart

From the moment
I’ve decided you’re the one
My heart opens up
And my walls come crashing down

When things get shaky
And our bond begins to break
I reach deep within and pray
We overcome the troubles of this quake

But should things fall apart
I’ll pack up my feelings neatly
and quietly leave to mend my broken heart

How I choose to heal
Is to block out what I feel
To numb myself down
So in tears I don’t drown

With each passing day
I rebuild my walls
Each stronger than the last
Each one cushioning my fall

The higher I go
The clearer I see
I was a fool to let you in
But that’s all on me

I live and I learn
and with time I become wise
Learning from my broken heart
Not giving it to you twice

Now I’m in my castle
Sitting on my throne
Fixing my crown
Proud of how much I’ve grown

With words you could tear me down
And bring me to my knees
But now they fall on deaf ears
Because you I no longer need to appease

Now you’re the one begging and pleading
For an ounce of attention
Because no one else can give you
My brand of affection

But my emotions for you
Are long gone and forgotten
Dead and buried
Memories erased and rewritten

Tell Your Therapist (intro…)


If my exes are good for anything
It’s that they inspire me to write

Because I refuse to give them an ounce of my time
And won’t allow them to live rent free in my mind

Voicing my annoyance
Seems an unnecessary burden to share
So I put pen to paper
And lay my emotions bare

It helps to clear my mind
And keep myself in check
So I don’t stoop down to their level
And do something I’ll regret

A New Chapter


The simplest touch
Your hand in mine
Has me longing so much
For us to be entwined

When our lips meet, my mind goes numb
I’m overcome with yearning
I can’t think straight, I don’t know what I’ve become
I’m overwhelmed by you, it’s disconcerting

When we touch, everything else is a blur
It’s just you and I, in a haze of desire
Your gentle strokes, evoking a purr
I wish those moments lasted forever

Our times apart fills me with sadness
Longing for you, has me on the brink of tears
Counting the hours may seem like madness
But it gets me through the day, until your voice meets my ears

I can’t wait for the weekend
For when things will change
For when I’ll see you more often
And I’ll feel less deranged



Go from bad to worse
Every other word becomes a curse

I scribble your name on every surface
Just to give the day a purpose

Routine disturbances are a necessity
To lessen the days melancholy

End with you on my mind
Thinking of when next we’ll be entwined

I touch myself thinking of you
Touching myself the way you do

I fall asleep with a prayer in my heart
That one day Thursdays won’t keep us apart

Dear John


I’m sorry, this isn’t going to work out
I’m sorry, but I can’t put up a front

When I’m with you, I try so hard to move on
When I’m with you, i feel like a liar and a con

I’m sorry cz you’re everything I want in a man
I’m sorry that you’re not the man I want

You deserve better, you deserve more
Than a broken heart and soul still sore

I pray that you’re blessed with all you need
I pray you’re deserving of all you receive

I’m sorry I’m doing this via text
I’m sorry I’m still not over my ex

I can’t sleep


There’s a heaviness on my chest
I struggle to breathe
I lie awake at night
Wondering if you’re thinking of me

When I close my eyes
I see your face
My mind goes foggy
Thinking of your embrace

I remind myself to be strong
As tears start to fall
I pray for my heart to heal
I pray for you to call

I need to hear your voice
I need to feel your touch
I never said goodbye
Because that would be too much

Now I pass my days pretending
That you’re busy
I tell myself I’ll see you soon
I hope one day, these lies ring true



Imagine making someone whole.
Imagine filling the crevices of their soul.
Imagine sharing secrets and feeling secure.
Imagine baring your soul and giving a love so pure.

Imagine giving your all.
Imagine allowing yourself to fall.
Imagine praying you get caught.
Imagine it’s all for naught.

Imagine you’re mistaken.
Imagine being forsaken.
Imagine being played for a fool.
Imagine it’s by a three-inch tool.

Imagine you’re not enough.
Imagine you’re the duff.
Imagine they want more.
Imagine you’re not up to score.

Imagine they want vanity.
Imagine all you have is sanity.
Imagine you gave your heart.
Imagine they wanted a Tart.

In the name of Justice


In the Name of Justice
I curse the name of those who dare me ill will and harm
May their bad intentions rebound upon them in the face of my charm
Let the hurt they cause me and mine be bound to them and cause them pain
Till the end of their days may their prayers and promises in suffering all be in vain
When they lay down to sleep may nightmares be all they see
Waking and weeping until truth falls freely
As their tears do in their final decree whilst begging for mercy
Only once the truth is out for all to hear
And all ill will and harm against me has been set clear
Will they no more writhe in this vain
But until then, may they suffer my pain
All this I ask in justice name
And wish upon them the very same
– Scarlette Phoenix



I don’t live for the standards of others
I don’t live to meet their needs
I live to ensure my survival
I live to find happiness within

Each day brings choices
Each day brings struggle
Each day I fight my demons
Some days I fall and stumble

Wading through a flurry of thoughts
Trying not to sink into the dark below
On a rollercoaster of emotion
Holding my head high, fighting to not let go

Seeking a safe space
Where I can let myself be free
Away from the judgment of others
Away from their toxicity

Hoping to find a helping hand
Hoping to find a guiding light
Hoping to find a friend
Who’ll be there throughout my plight

Who’ll help me face my fears
Who’ll stand by me on the frontline
Who’ll have my back no matter what
Who’ll make sure that I’m fine

Who’ll share the joys of my success
And wipe my tears when I fail
Who’ll hold my hand and remind me
That tomorrow is another day

I am enough


I am enough
Infact I am more than enough

You might disagree with me
But remember
It’s a sin to be glutton

If however
You have delicate pallette
You’re probably better off
Choosing a salad

If you’re adventurous
give me a try
After the first bite or two
You might be pleasantly surprised

Like a fine wine
I’m an acquired taste
Savour each sip
or it’ll be a waste

Explore my mind
Find the treasures within
Thoughts and ideas
Beauty deeper than skin

Dive into my emotions
Delve into my feels
Drown in my ocean
Know that I am for real

I am enough
Sometimes more
than anyone can handle

I am enough
Sometimes too much
But only if you’re fragile